My name is Claude Sinner and I have designed and programmed this website. I am a physicist and in my free time I engage in entomological studies. I have had a deep interest in butterflies since my early childhood. Currently I travel to various museums across the globe to gather data on the butterfly family Lycaenidae.

This website is my second contact with crowd-sourced science. During my studies on proteins I have used the BOINC network to acquire the necessary computational power for my work. I hope that people enjoy the little game that I designed and I hope that they have fun to see the various butterflies when transcribing the labels. The results of this webiste will be used to draw exact range maps for Lycaenidae butterflies which will broaden the general knowledge of mankind about these butterflies.

The Lycaenidae family has about 5200 species and I estimate the specimens kept in museums close to one million. It is only together that we can evaluate this rich data resource.

Questions and suggestions can be send to the following adress. Please keep in mind that it is impossible to recover forgotten passwords.

Parnassius autocrator

Parnassius autocrator, Afghanistan.