afghan label
butterfly with label

Since centuries butterfly enthusiasts all over the world have compiled large collections of butterflies. These collections are a valuable ressource for nowadays scientific research. Each butterfly is accompanied by one or several labels.

On the label one can find every relevant information where this butterfly lived once. Considering that some museums have collections of several million butterflies one can understand the wealth of information stored in these century-old collections.

Computers can be used to transform this information into range maps and enlighten knowledge about butterflies previously unknown to mankind. But, a computer can't read!


Transcribe labels from all over the world and contribute to scientific progress


Earn credits for each transcribed label and play with them in a game of chance


Unlock 30 different high quality butterfly pictures in your profile, showing worldwide butterfly fauna

You can actively help and contribute to scientific research. Once you created an account and logged in, this website will show you pictures of butterflies and their labels. The text that you see in the picture must be entered in different form fields on the left. By transcribing the data you make it available to researchers all over the world. You will earn a credit for each label. These credits can be used to unlock different butterflies in your user profile.